Billing Software

Feature Overview

The Ragon Billing Software is the simple and effective software system that provides you, the elegent billing solution, with everything that you need to accurately and confidently track every aspect to do with the engagement of product sales with delivery of machine generated bill.

Billing Package is one of our more successful and popular products, used by many Multinational Banks, FIIs, BPO Providers, Indian / Multinational Business Houses, Advertising Agencies, Clearing Agencies & Dot Com / Marketing / Finance/ Manufacturing Companies. We have come with the ideal solution to Manual Billing Process with software, which accounts & manages your business on your finger tips. Billing software allows to generate a computerize slips of products that user buy form shopkeeper, based on the product price, and taxes offered by govt.

Billing System has been designed to remove the time and effort that is normally associated with Manual Bill generation and to provide a direct and seamless operation that enables the product user to handle all stuff and Bill payment processes in a simple and accurate manner.

Structured to use invoice management solution:

For the facts resource beginner, Organizer's user-friendly user interface and ready-to-use invoice management solution create it easy to set up and use. get into invoice information, invoice style.

Generate invoice information resource quickly:

You can start using invoice Administrator with the facts resource templates included in the system. If the style already created is not exactly what you are looking for you can easily create a new one with Data source Designer.

Enter, modify data:

Standard record viewpoint pages allow you to easily get into, modify information and generate information specific guidelines.

Search, replace:

The information resource Look for function helps you to discover invoice information that contain the product of information you are looking for. With this system, you are able to discover a product of text in any place with the ability of moving to the next invoice record stuffing your specifications.

Print reports:

Review expert allows you create quality, expertly looking records, invoice opinions, invoice summaries. You can save options to a style for future recycle.

Table viewer:

Perspective and process your invoice information in sequence and content using table viewers.

Browser viewer:

Perspective your invoice information in virtually any way using web web browser viewers and web-page coding personalized review templates.

Filter invoice records:

You can limit the number of information shown in the system. You can specify a specifications for one or more places. The more specifications for the narrow you specify, the better chance of acquiring the range of information that interest you. narrow information resource

Sort invoice records:

The system sets up and shows the invoice information effectively, so that the facts is easily obtainable in several different ways. Kind your invoice information resource on any place, e.g. on invoice name, company, classification, type...

Summary, graph, statistics:

A conclusion of information in the facts resource can give you some understanding into distribution of your invoice information. Showing a Chart can help you to understand the overall picture and discover styles in your invoice information. information resource conclusion.

Backup databases:

There is a set of useful features that allow you to secure your invoice information.

Personalize, customize:

Comprehensive options allow you to set your choices. All options are easily obtainable from one page.

Network (multi-user environment):

Organizers Luxurious can be used on a system in a multi-user environment. Borland Data source Engine (BDE) or, more specifically its DBase element, is used for information resource access.