E-Business Solution
Ragon Systems’s service offerings help organizations keep pace with the rapidly changing dynamics of the Web and E-Business. We provide end-to-end Web Technology and E-Business solutions and services that include:

  • Architecture Services
  • SOA Consulting Services
  • SAAS Services
  • Portal and Content Management
  • Web 2.0
  • Workflow and Business Process Management
  • Verification and Validation Services
  • Enterprise Value Chain Integration
  • Performance Engineering and Enhancements
  • Security and User Management.

Ragon Systems Architecture Services

Ragon Systems’s Architecture Team comprises Solution and Technical architects who are focused on architecture guidance and research on upcoming technologies and trends to meet an organization’s business needs. This team is committed to providing thought leadership in order to help every stakeholder in the business value chain (users, business managers, IT managers, developers, etc.) understand how today’s business challenges are being addressed by the upcoming wave of technologies and practice, how technology aligns with current business needs and how to transform the corporate strategy into an effective IT strategy. The architecture services offered play a pivotal role in shaping a solution that addresses the business, engineering, and IT goals of an enterprise.

Ragon Systems offer the following architecture services to enterprise customers:

  • Architecture Consulting:This includes analysis of business services, processes, rules and events, architecture review and evaluation, strategy and roadmap definition, architectural project planning.

  • Architecture Design:- This includes enterprise architecture design that aligns with client's business goals, design the process, applications, data and technology architecture, products and solution architecture, architecture for modernization

  • Prototype Development, Implementation and Testing:We develop prototypes for early architecture validation, believes in service oriented implementation and testing of services.

  • SOA Consulting Services

    The SOA consulting services at Ragon Systems aim at providing a design framework for realizing rapid and low-cost system development and improving total system quality and to define the business services and operating models in such a way so as to provide a structure for IT to deliver against the actual business requirements and adapt in a similar way to the business.

    Our service oriented architecture approach allows scalability and flexibility for future growth and expected systems evolution.

    SAAS Services

    Ragon Systems’s SAAS services group helps companies make a smooth transition to a SaaS platform through a combination of consulting, development and operational services. Ragon Systems has the required expertise and experience to enable a software company to build its new products using SaaS platform or re-architect and enhance its existing software products or application to support SaaS platform.

    Ragon Systems systems provide the following services for SAAS enablement:

    • SAAS Consulting: This includes feasibility Analysis to access the existing application features and product architecture for SAAS enablement, prototyping and laying down the road map for a successful transition.

    • Architecture & Design: Laying out a SAAS based multi-tenant architecture that is optimized, secure, robust and scalable.

    • User Experience: Develop a SAAS application with visually rich, intuitive and innovative user interfaces.

    • Development: Implement and develop a SAAS-enabled system through using our deep technological expertise in open source, multi-tenancy engineering User Experience, and SOA.

    • SOA Integration: Integrating the SAAS application with other services and applications.

    • Testing: Verification and Validation of the SAAS solution to ensure that your SaaS application is ready to meet the usability, performance and security demands of the users of the application.

    Enterprise Portal and Content Management

    Ragon Systems’s Portals and Content Management services group provides consulting, analysis, design development, integration, migration and testing services for portal and content management solutions to its clients across multiple industry verticals.

    Ragon Systems has executed over 400 projects and has 10,000 person months of experience in developing client portals and providing content management services.

    We have expertise in the latest technologies and deliver state-of-the-art solutions to our customers. Our solutions span across various CMS and Portal products such as Autonomy (Interwoven), Oracle UCM, Oracle WebCenter Interaction (BEA ALUI), OpenText (LiveLink, Vignette) Websphere Portal, Alfresco, LifeRay and Joomla. We have experience of building solutions with rich social and web 2.0 features. The solution offering is enriched by our expertise in User Experience and Customer Analytics.

    Our content management services portfolio comprises:

    Enterprise Portals
    • Knowledge Management Portals
    • Customer Portals
    • Supplier Portals
    • Employee Information Portals

    Enterprise Content Management
    • Document Management
    • Digital Asset Management
    • Web Content Management

    Support and Maintenance
    • Migration/Upgrades across ECM Products
    • Enterprise Helpdesk support
    • User Training
    • Administration

    Web 2.0

    Ragon Systems Web 2.0 offering helps clients transition from their existing flat websites offering static information to a new computing Web 2.0 platform. Ragon Systems’s Web 2.0 offerings are as below:

    Framework for bringing successful consumer technologies into the enterprise
    • Social Computing Technologies like blogs, wikis, social networking, communities of practice, web-casts and pod-casts

    Develop Rich Internet Applications
    • Deliver Rich content and experience on the web
    • Enable interactive and a high quality end-user experience
    • Enhance creativity, communications, secure information sharing,collaboration and functionality of the web.
    • Leverage technologies like AJAX, Macromedia Flex, XHTML, XML, Java, Silverlight etc

    Help Clients Adapting to the New Service Paradigm

    Workflow and Business Process Management

    Ragon Systems provides expertise in defining, implementing and optimizing Business Process Management (BPM)-based solutions. Ragon Systems’s BPM expertise and rich experience in implementing numerous workflow and BPM solutions across industries have enabled it to offer a wide range of services in the BPM space.

    It designs and develops solutions that help IT companies leverage their IT framework in the execution of automated business processes and gives them power to implement and control specific business strategies.

    Verification and Validation Services

    Software Verification and Validation (V&V) is essential for validating the effectiveness of eBusiness solutions and checking the performance of Web applications. Ragon Systems’s V&V services evaluate software application performance for technical requirements, safety, security and reliability. This provides an independent and objective measure of an application’s or product’s performance and quality.

    Ragon Systems offer V&V services that feature both manual testing and automated testing. These services include:

    Ragon Systems’ V&V Services Help Clients:

    • Test automation
    • User acceptance testing
    • Staff augmentation
    • Increase design team productivity
    • Identify product and process improvement opportunities
    • Gain detailed accurate product performance and quality information
    • Improve product reliability with increased accountability and control
    • Reduce the cost of fixing defects
    • Develop and adopt standardized, consistent, repeatable processes and methodology.

    Ragon Systems employs a wide range of state-of-the-art testing tools including: Mercury Interactive, Win runner, Rational Silk Test, Silk Performer, Rational Team Test, QA Run, Empirix eLoad, Test Director, Load Runner, Jtest, Grinder, Junit, Silk Plan Pro, Web Load, WebFT, eTest, Memory/Resource checkers, Phone Emulators, POSE, Jprobe, VBUnit. We also use Network tools like Network Sniffers, Adtech, SmartBits, HTTP Analyzers, Hammer.

    Ragon Systems System’s V&V services help clients:

    • Increase design team productivity
    • Identify product and process improvement opportunities
    • Gain detailed accurate product performance and quality information
    • Improve product reliability with increased accountability and control
    • Reduce the cost of fixing defects
    • Develop and adopt standardized, consistent, repeatable processes and methodology.

    Enterprise Value Chain Integration

    Ragon Systems Web technology solutions integrate Web front-ends and e-software packages with existing ERP solutions, client-server applications, legacy systems and databases. We utilize multiple integration techniques including data integration tools, message oriented middleware, and workflow automation tools.

    With a unique combination of domain, technology and process expertise, Ragon Systems helps clients achieve world class, robust, highly scalable and business process driven EAI architecture to address business requirements.

    Performance Engineering and Enhancements

    The Performance Group has unparalleled expertise and experience helping clients assess current performance service levels, predict potential performance failures before they occur, include performance-driven development early in the development lifecycle and identify and isolate the root cause of performance failures.

    By helping clients better manage the overall performance of their applications or systems, the performance group at Ragon Systems systems enables them to meet customer and user expectations, improve user satisfaction, reduce costs and, overall, improve their bottom line.

    Ragon Systems provide the following performance engineering services to its client base:

    • Architecture and design assessment and optimization
    • Application enhancement and optimization for performance
    • Capacity planning and infrastructure optimization
    • Data model refactoring and database performance optimization
    • Service Level Management
    • Problem Management
    • Performance feasibility analysis, modeling and benchmarking
    • Performance tuning and testing.

    Security and User Management

    Ragon Systems Security and User Management services group delivers security solutions through consulting methodologies, reference architectures, processes and tools that help clients secure the identity of the right business system, person or device and transact or terminate an on demand business process. It designs and creates policies and practices to integrate security-rich identity and authentication into an on demand business environment.

    Following are the services provided by the Security group at Ragon Systems Info systems:

    • Web Application Security Assessment
    • Application enhancement and optimization for security
    • Identity provisioning and administration
    • Security policy definition enablement and security for role-based security policies
    • Penetration and Security testing.