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Embedded Systems is a dedicated computer system that is part of a larger or machine. Generally, an embedded system is housed on a single microprocessor board with the programs stored in Read Only Memory.

Almost all appliances that contain a digital interface like watches, cars make use of embedded systems. Some embedded systems consist of an operating system, but numerous are so dedicated that the whole logic can be implemented as a single program.

An embedded system is a microprocessor-based software system that is integrated into a device to monitor and manage the functions of the components of the device. They are used in many devices ranging from a washing machine to a nuclear reactor. Embedded systems are intended for doing specific tasks. An embedded system used in a device (for example the embedded system in microwave oven) is programmed by the designers of the system and usually cannot be programmed by the end user.

Ragon Systems has been a leading one stop supplier of hardware and software solutions for the embedded systems real-time market.

Ragon Systems, possesses in-depth expertise and huge experience with real-time embedded systems and development tools and has succeed in bringing to front a system of extremely incorporated hardware and software tools, solutions and products ranging from Middleware Solutions, Development Suites, Emulators, In Circuit Debuggers, Protocol Analyzers, Connectivity Solutions and Hardware Subsystems to holistically support development, design and debugging processes in Embedded Systems.

Ragon Systems is one of the leading technology companies in the field of Embedded Systems which builds world class Embedded Products and delivers Embedded Systems Trainings to global clients. Ragon Systems has at all times maintained a regular track record in providing proficient embedded systems engineers and adding to the immense manpower necessities of embedded systems engineers of the MNC’s. We expertise in embedded systems training, embedded systems product design and development.

Our expertise covers many microcontroller development tools and their architectures. We focus on time-to-market, embedded networking applications and quality improvements using Controller Area Network (CAN bus), and Embedded Internetworking. We develop and handle a full range of PC-based tools and embedded software stacks for various networks. Our software is pioneering and inexpensive.

One of our embedded systems developers, Aman, has provided multiple corporate trainings and many embedded systems engineers. Since then, our mentors have been using the language in one of the most challenging of environments.

Ragon Systems is a technology integration, design and devices Realization Company, providing out of the box services and back to back embedded solutions for product deployment and development. We offer specialized design services such as software and hardware development, customized product designs, RTOS Solutions that advance quality and speed up time-to-market for a wide range of embedded systems.

We also work on RTOS – Vx Works. RTOS - VxWorks is a real-time operating system having multiple key features like: error handling framework, file systems, fast, flexible inter-procces communication, IPV6 networking stack, local and distributed message queues etc.

Our solutions make sure patrons maintain their spirited edge and supplementary worth and volumes to their industry. We desire to supply the industry through development, testing, training and consulting.