Server Installation
Numerous benefits of Open Source solutions to a business

Open source technology can benefit your company in numerous ways. Our Linux/Unix Server Consulting Services provide you with an effective way to implement open source software in your environment.
With our services and support you can fasten deployment processes, efficiently amalgamate your new open source solution with the rest of your software list. There are numerous benefits of open source solutions to a business. Few of them are:

• Direct cost benefits, lower Total Cost of Ownership
• Freedom of open source and flexibility of customization
• One time investment – no license costs, Continuity and availability of updates at no cost
• High Return on Investment

Our services for server are designed to provide a standardized, structured approach to the installation and configuration of the Unix, Solaris, Open SUSE, CentOS, Ubuntu, Debian or Red Hat Linux Server etc.

We help in speed up the implementation process

Our offerings can help you accelerate the implementation process, reduce disruptions and downtime, minimize implementation threat and enable you to understand the benefits of your new Linux technology-based systems more quickly.

Different remote support services

There are many different remote support services that we offer that range from hardening a server environment, SCSI RAID configuration to installing a LAMP-based web applications. Below is the list of our services available. However, if you have a different project that does not fit under any of these services, feel free to contact us.

Onsite Services

• Linux/Unix Installation • Linux Network Administration
• Reverse and Forward Proxy Services • LAMP Installation
• LAMP Training • Securing and Optimizing Linux
• Annual Maintenance Contract • Staff Training
• PHP Development training  

Remote Services

• Open source monitoring server
• Open source ticketing server
• Open tools integration
• Remotely Harden Existing Linux Server
• Remotely Install or Configure Linux Server Applications
• Remotely Linux Server Troubleshooting
• Open source firewall security in linux or unix
• Domain server (LDAP, AD) centralize authentication with application
• Centralized log server log rotation plan with GUI Interface
• Remote Linux Server Maintenance
• Remote LAMP Installation
• Remote Staff Training in Linux
• Version Control (svn,cvs,git), Virtualization (ESXI,CITRIX)

Call center infrastructure setup (Domestic / International)

• Dialer server (INBOUND,OUTBOUND)
• PRI server
• Asterisk server (SIP)

Open source mailing services

• Qmail
• Post fix
• Exim and zimbra

Linux Training

• PHP Development training
• LAMP training
• Staff Training in Linux/Unix

Reduce IT infrastructure costs, enhance quality of services, maintain high uptime of IT assets

Ragon provides open source consulting and remote management services of Linux and Unix based systems. With its core expertise in Linux and Unix, we help organizations to reduce costs, enhance quality of services, maintain high uptime of IT resources and secure the information data. Ragon Systems also provides Linux and Unix courses and regular trainings. Here is the list of applications we can implement, configure, or provide training on :

• MySQL • Apache • PHP
• SAMBA/SMB (Windows Server integration) • XEN • CUPS
• FTP • SFTP • Postfix
• OpenSSH • PHP • Apache
• LDAP • Rsync • SVN
• TrueCrypt • ClamAV  

With our remote or onsite services for Linux/Unix, you can rely on our knowledge and experience to help you quickly and consistently install and configure Linux/Unix enterprise distributions in your IT environment.

Find out how managed Linux/Unix support can make your resources more productive

Our Services for Linux and Unix are designed to speed up the implementation process—helping to benefit from the advantages of your Linux platform-based systems ASAP. Besides, our tools and processes help you nearly eliminate configuration errors, reducing the chances of problems occurring after the implementation.