Payroll Software

Feature Overview

Ragon Payroll Software is the simple and effective online system that provides you, the employer, with everything that you need to accurately and confidently track every aspect to do with the engagement of employees or contract workers.

Payroll Package is one of our more successful and popular products, used by many Multinational Banks, FIIs, BPO Providers, Indian / Multinational Business Houses, Advertising Agencies, Clearing Agencies & Dot Com / Marketing / Finance/ Manufacturing Companies. We have come with the ideal solution to Manual Payroll Process with software, which accounts & manages your business on your finger tips.

Payroll has been designed to remove the time and effort that is normally associated with payroll and to provide a direct and seamless operation that enables the employer to handle all staff and payment processes in a simple and accurate manner.

Payroll software allows organization to generate pay slips and salary register, based on the attendance of the employees taking care of leaves, overtime, allowances, loans, advance, bonus, encashment and other standard deductions like PF, E.S.IC, Professional Tax, Income Tax etc.

HR functionality: This application automates processes covering the entire employee life - cycle: Résumé handling, Induction and on-boarding, promotions, transfers, appraisals and salaries, skills mapping and training, Applying for Leave, Applying for Leave, Viewing the Training. It is a place for the top management to communicate directly with the employees, publishing Holidays of the month, Birthday and Seasonal Greetings, Get opinions from the Employees access mail. Send messages to others.

Payroll Time & Attendance: Reduce pay corrections by automating time collection and enforcing rules and Apply defined calculation rules for overtime, stat pay and shift differentials and Review Work Sheet of each employee as per project and work type. Also get reports of CTC as per Employee or Project

Our portals stitch together all elements that are important for your organization and present them with such Ease of navigation and simplicity of user-interface that creating a buy-in from the users is never a problem.

Save time and money by reducing your employee presence management administration, lowering your operating costs and get accurate web payroll.

Functionality Key Modules

  • Employee Information Management
  • Leave Management System
  • Time Management System
  • Payroll Management System
  • HRD Procedures
  • Reimbursement Management
  • Employee Transfer, Promotions & Increments
  • Project And Job Work Detail Management
  • Email Notification and verification
  • Reports


  • Employee Joining information
  • Probation confirmation details
  • Employee profile
  • Employee current position and profile
  • Family background details
  • Employee local address and reference details
  • Employee emergency address and contact person details
  • Employee qualification and experience details
  • Awards given to employee and their children
  • Documents submitted by employee
  • Employee immigration information
  • Assets given to employee
  • Employee extracurricular activities
  • Employee training details
  • Canteen info
  • Holiday info


  • User Defined leave types
  • Leave balance details
  • Leave application
  • Leave approvals
  • Leave rules
  • Leave carry forward


  • Late coming, early leaving, absent due to travelling
  • Employee shift management
  • Overtime details
  • Overtime on overtime
  • Manual attendance done by employee details
  • Week of adjustment

  • User defined salary heads
  • Professional tax slab
  • Pay slip generation
  • Salary formula
  • Create your own salary structure
  • Tax, form 16, PF, ESIC

  • Final Settlement
  • Superannuation
  • PF Challan
  • Govt. Challan
  • Training Module
  • ESIC Challan

  • Transfer details (shift/department)
  • Promotion details (post/salary)
  • Salary certificate & appraisal letter