School ERP

Overview Of Ragon School ERP

Ragon School ERP software is built on Microsoft SQL Server and ASP.Net framework.

Ragon School ERP software provides a suite of software covering all parts of a school's administration, managing registration and admissions, managing Library, Fee, Accounts, Time Table, HR & Payroll and Transport.

The application is created in a manner that almost all possible places, you may play with records in your style, you may create master records as per your requirement.

Application is ready to be integrated with any third party device, viz. Biometric Attendance Machine, Barcode Scanner etc.

Following Modules are already running under Ragon School ERP:
• Registration
• Transport
• Registration with Test
• Payroll Management
• Document Management
• Accounting
• Admission
• Class Teacher
• Fee Management
• Dynamic SMS Integration
• Cheque Management
• ECS Management
• Concession Management
• Examination
• Board Marks Import & Analysis
• Library
• Purchase Management
• Store & Inventory
• Activity Module
• Security
• Front Office
• Time Table
• Hostel Management
• Online Parent Login
• Online Teacher Login
• Online Admin Login

Purpose of Ragon School ERP:

The whole purpose of Ragon School ERP is to record each information related to working of your school/college such as registrations, examination etc. You can also keep time-table, class-schedules for a period.

Along with this, Ragon School ERP provides you the facility of maintaining records related to your daily monetary transactions such as student fees records, teacher's payment records, loan/advances to employees as well as records related to Bus operations, Library, Payroll and Front-Office.

Ragon School ERP provides you Data Security Feature with minimum user level Access Control. You may view various reports for smooth functioning and standardization of all system activities taking place inside your Institution.

The information resource Look for function helps you to discover invoice information that contain the product of information you are looking for. With this system, you are able to discover a product of text in any place with the ability of moving to the next invoice record stuffing your specifications.

Features of Ragon School ERP:

• Features – Admission
• Features – Transport
• Features – Fee
• Features – Library & Examination
• Features – Staff & Time-Table
• Features – Purchase & Inventory
• Features – Accounts & Reception
• Features – Documents Management

Benefits Of Ragon School ERP:

Benefits – For Management

• '0' Repetition In Maintaining Overall Records
• Almost All Transactions Will Be Paperless, Saving Trees Passively
• All Records n Reports Will Be Handy
• Real Time Data Available
• Better Control Over Budget
• Aid In Smarter Future Planning
• Disciplined Process Flow
• Saves On Human Resource and Cost
• Control over Human & Other Resources
• Timely Disposal Of Issues

Benefits – For Students/Parents

• Easy Availability of Notices & Circulars
• Timely SMS or/and E-Mails Regarding Fee Bill etc.
• Quick Access To All Infos Related To Ward
• Graphical Reports To Understand Them Better
• Useful Examination Reports – Showing Average Marks, His Ward's Marks and Highest Marks. Can Compare With last Similar Exam Even.
• SMS on Ward Moving In/Going Out of the School

Benefits – For Teachers

• Simple Grade & Marks Management System
• Attendance Automation for Students As Well As Employees
• Automation Leads To Core Job – Teaching Only
• Analytical Reports To Assess Him/Herself Better
• Graphical Reports To Understand Them Better
• Quality Interaction With Parents & Students